Can I get infertility insurance?

Infertility insurance, in terms of insurance that you take out in case you find out you have infertility issues at a later date, is not generally offered by medical insurance companies in countries such as the UK. However, infertility insurance policies and agreements are common in other parts of the world, and include:

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  • Health insurance that covers the costs of infertility treatments: these are mandatory in some countries.
  • Travel insurance that includes medical travel insurance if you want to opt for infertility treatment abroad.
  • Infertility insurance against your treatment failing, which pays out if you don’t get pregnant.

In countries such as the USA, where all medical treatment needs to be paid for, medical insurance is often provided by employers as part of a salary package. This can also be true in countries where a private medical system runs in parallel with the state system, such as the UK. Infertility insurance may include cover for fertility treatments, with the policy paying all or some of the costs. In many US states, the inclusion of infertility insurance cover is mandatory in company medical insurance policies.

The infertility cover provided by medical insurance will often have a waiting period before you qualify, so you should always check the policy details when making your plans.

If you are planning infertility treatment abroad it is important that you take out specialist travel insurance cover, that includes medical travel, specifically aimed at couples having infertility treatment. Standard travel insurance will often be void if your trip includes planned medical treatment while you are away. Specialist medical travel insurance will cover everything a standard policy covers, as well as covering you if anything goes wrong or you need to stay longer than expected.

Finally, many infertility clinics operate policies that allow you to insure the treatment itself against the possibility of failure. With this kind of infertility insurance, you will get back an agreed percentage of your treatment costs if you fail to conceive. This can be up to 100 % of the costs, depending on the premium you are prepared to pay. These infertility insurance policies provide you with a win/win situation, in that you either get the baby you are hoping for, or you get your money back and lose nothing other than the cost of your insurance premium.

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