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Advertising opportunities for fertility treatment hospitals, clinics and agencies

345% growth in fertility treatment abroad

The Fertility Treatment Abroad web site helps people to search, compare and enquire about fertility treatment from hundreds of clinics around the world. Its sister sites, Treatment Abroad and Private Healthcare UK, hold commanding position on the internet search engines and directories.

Healthcare companies, clinics and hospital facilities can participate in the Fertility Treatment Abroad web site in the following ways:

  • By purchasing a featured listing within our listing pages.
  • By purchasing banner advertising on specific pages or throughout the site.
  • By signing up to receive patient enquiries about the fertility treatments you offer.

Now is the ideal time to grow your international patient business.

Pressure on National Health Service (NHS) budgets, shortages of donor eggs and sperm and high costs of private IVF treatment in the UK are encouraging Brits to travel abroad for infertility treatment. In the last 12 months, we've seen a surge in women exploring the overseas option; enquiries about IVF on our web portal, Fertility Treatment Abroad, have rocketed up by 345%, year on year.

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Save 50% with our SUMMER SPECIAL OFFER

We’re offering a SUMMER SPECIAL for clinics that sign up for Fertility Treatment Abroad by the 31st August. Since its launch in 2012, Fertility Treatment Abroad has become the most popular online portal for infertile couples seeking treatment in another country. If you want to benefit from the growth in outbound patient numbers from the UK, it’s essential that you invest in a Featured Profile such as this one.

What does it cost?

Less than 80 euros per month. You pay just €950 for a Featured Profile on Fertility Treatment Abroad AND ON Treatment Abroad… and that is it for a whole year! For further information complete the advertising enquiry form.

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To take advantage of this SUMMER SPECIAL OFFER contact Sue Wheelet on +44 (0) 7429 520901 or suewheeler@treatmentabroad.com

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