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FIV Center Madrid

FIV Center Madrid is a specialised clinic in reproductive medicine. FIV Center was founded in 1998 b

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Reproduction Unit of Gutenberg Centre

The Gutenberg Centre Reproduction Unit (URE) is regarded as one of Spain’s top fertility centres w

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Manzanera Medical Centre

Manzanera Medical Centre offers extensive reproductive assistance, such as egg donation, In Vitro Fe

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Institut Marquès

Founded 95 years ago in Barcelona, Institut Marquès is an internationally-recognised IVF clinic spe

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Fertility treatment - rules and regulations

Despite its reputation as a predominantly Catholic country, Spain is a popular destination for fertility tourism, thanks to the open minded attitude that is enshrined in law, allowing anyone access to fertility treatment. Spain has over 200 fertility clinics offering a wide range of fertility treatments.

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The Spanish healthcare system

Spain has a national health system, the Sistema Sanitario Publico, which is free to all residents who pay national insurance. Patients’ entitlements are set out in the Carta de Derechos y Deberes, the Charter of Rights and Obligations. Spanish hospitals and clinics are clean and modern, and boast some of the most highly trained doctors and specialists in Europe, including fertility specialists.

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When you are considering fertility treatment abroad, a good starting point is to decide which country offers the type of service and treatments that you need. As you may be spending some time there, perhaps combining your fertility treatment with a holiday, you also need to consider how you will enjoy the culture and lifestyle, and what tourism opportunities are available.

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