• Going abroad for treatment

Going abroad for fertility treatment

If you are thinking of going abroad for fertility treatment, then you should conduct research - not just about the overseas fertility clinics, but also on topics such including safety standards, ethical and legal issues and multiple births. Read all the pages in this section to learn more about going abroad for treatment.

Fertility treatment agencies and facilitators

You may be interested in making use of a medical tourism agency to help with your fertility treatment abroad. A medical travel agency can often provide expertise, local knowledge and assistance. Read more about how to choose a medical tourism agency and dealing with a medical tourism agency.

Comparing Infertility Clinics

Comparing fertility clinics abroad – the specifics In your initial decision-making process about the type and location of the fertility clinics you... Read More

Standards and safety abroad

Fertility treatment abroad – standards and safety Clinical standards and your safety are two of the most important factors to consider when comparing... Read More

Success rates

Success rates and fertility clinics One of the most important factors to consider when comparing fertility clinics that offer treatment abroad is their... Read More

Storing of patient information

Storing patient information: fertility clinics abroad One of the biggest complications when seeking fertility treatment abroad is the different rules for... Read More

What if it goes wrong?

What if my fertility treatment goes wrong? Perhaps the biggest worry for people travelling abroad for fertility treatment is what if it goes wrong? This is... Read More

Donor issues

Donor issues relevant to fertility treatment abroad For many couples, donor eggs or sperm are their only option, as one partner is unable to produce... Read More

Ethical and legal issues

Legal and ethical issues and fertility treatment abroad Fertility treatment can be a minefield of legal and ethical issues. These vary from country to... Read More

Multiple births

Multiple births and infertility treatment Multiple births are a common occurrence in nature and happen as a result of one of two processes. Identical twins... Read More

What does it cost?

What is the cost of infertility treatment abroad? The single biggest factor that drives people to seek infertility treatment abroad is the cost. The price... Read More

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